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The City of Winchester-England
Winchester,  the city,  that was Britain's Capital from AD 519 to the 13th century.    A city steeped in history and tradition,  home of the Romans,  Alfred the Great  (who burnt the cakes),  St.  Swithum   (who could forecast 40 days of rain),  King Canute   (who turned back the tide),   William the Conqueror,  King Arthur,   Sir Lancelot and the legendary Knights of the Round Table,  Nell Gwynne,  and in more recent times,  Jane Austen.

It was no coincidence that we chose this historic city as the name for our chain.     The Winchester Arms began in Streetsville,  Ontario in 1980 and has proudly grown to be the largest British Pub chain in North America.    Our format is based on timeless,  distinctive atmosphere of the British Pub where our customers are welcomed as in our homes.

We take pride in what we serve you.    Our foods are all made and cooked to order.    So remember-good things are worth waiting for-so sit back and enjoy our company.    If you have any questions about ingredients of a menu item or if you have a special dietary need,  please inform us and we will do our best to accommodate you,  although extra time may be needed to prepare your menu items.

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